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Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for planning and promoting United Way of Mercer County’s annual special events.  The committee meets regularly to develop its marketing strategies to advertise United Way of Mercer County’s name and reputation.

Janice Schwanbeck, Chairperson
Tammy Calderwood Vince Cardamon Teresa Cave
Chris Craig Stephanie Gantz Greg Koch
Thom Kwolek Gregg McCandless Kevin McDermott
Patti Noble Brendon Radcliffe Karen Reed
Shelley Sant Randy Seitz Brenda Steines
Brian Wallace Mike Zaborowski

2016 Allocation Committee

The Allocation Committee is charged with determining what funding levels are appropriate to meet the operating needs of participating agency     programs.  The dynamics of this function are affected by the number of agencies, quality of services provided, program and facility expansion, needs of the community and fiscal responsibility.  Comprised of community   members representing all walks of life, the allocation panels meet during the first three months of each year to consider requests and appeals from affiliated agencies.

Angela Palumbo, Chairperson
Patty Adamson Ken Ammann Kim Anglin
Randy Beck Lisa Bertin Martin Black
Michelle Bryan Tammy Calderwood Vince Cardamon
Richard Craig Maria David Patty Eagon
Mark Ferrara Stephanie Gantz Bill Gathers
Brad Gosser David Grande Kaitlyn Hockenberry
Amy Howson Liz Izenas Tracey Johnson
Maile Kirkpatrick Deanne Koch Jayne Kornbau
Thom Kwolek Kelly Laughlin Jim Lowry
Mario Marini Gregg McCandless Kevin McDermott
Krystal Miller Robert Miller Joe Montone
Christina Multari Brian Nespor Lisa Oliver
Scott Patton Robert Piccirilli Karen Piccirilli
Deborah Plant Karen Reed Jaime Reynolds
Dena Rohrbacher Shelly Sant Janice Schwanbeck
Randy Seitz Gerald Smith Sharon Sorg
Kristin Thurber Dom Vadala Steve Van Woert
Rich Vetica Bryan Wallace Jeff Wallace
Stacy Wallberg Brenda Watson Chris Winslow
Chris Wright Shelia Yatsko

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee reviews all new agency applications for United Way of Mercer County funding or venture grant approval. This group has also taken responsibility for  United Way of Mercer County’s three-year strategic plan that was voted on and approved  during an October 2012 summit of board members and campaign cabinet personnel.

Sharon Sorg, Chairperson
Lora Adams-King Kate Aiken Kim Anglin Randy Beck
Dan Bell Chris Bellas Jim Bird April Brown
Mike Calla Kristan Carroll Gary Cervone Hope Couch
Marsha Cummings Shannon Curry Jason DeJulia Bill Dodd
Ron Errett Brad Ferko Mark Ferrara Joe Flecher
David Foley David Foradori George Garrow Bill Gathers
Cheryl Goldstone Brad Gosser Mickey Gula Brandy Hammerschmidt
Tom Hawkins Kristin Hope Erin Houston Tim Jablon
Tracey Johnson Greg Koledin Laura Leskovac Tammy Lininger
Nannette Livadas Frank Luciani Gregg McCandless Joe Montone
Joseph Neuch Donna Newsom Angela Palumbo Holly Patterson
Scott Patton Bob Piccirilli Robin Pundzak Tracey Reiser
Rick Rossi Emily Rowe Sandy Scarmack Jason Shank
Sarah Stafford Robert States Marty Taylor Chuck Wallace
Tamara    Welker Lori Weston Buddy White Pat Woodings
Kavon Wright Michael Wright Kim Zippie

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee ensures that properties owned by United Way of Mercer County are maintained for safety and aesthetics.  They gather bids for repairs, monitor the sites, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Dom Vadala, Chairperson
Brad Gosser Mark Ferrara
 Lonnie McFall

2-1-1 Public Policy Committee

United Way of Mercer County’s Public Policy Committee serves to assist the Board of Directors in identifying, evaluating and monitoring social and political trends, issues and concerns that impact the overall mission of advancing the common good and improving the lives of those most vulnerable; specifically in the areas of education, income and health.

Hope Couch, Chairperson
Ken Ammann Dom Vadala

Personnel/Nominating Committee

This committee reviews potential board members and key staff members. They are also responsible for HR functions and updates to all organizational policies.

Gina Beach, Chairperson
Mark Ferrara Brad Gosser
Angela Palumbo Dom Vadala

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews United Way of Mercer County’s financial statements, monitors UWMC’s investments, reviews external and internal auditing systems, assists in Campaign counts, and assists the Executive Director in the budgeting process.

Brian Nespor, Chairperson
Mark Ferrara Brad Gosser