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Poverty in Mercer County

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 Education in Mercer County

There are 5,962 children under the age of five living in Mercer County

24.9% of these children are living in economically at-risk families, up to 100% of poverty, and 20.9% of these children were born to mothers with less than a high school education. Both of these facts are significant Risk Factors for Failing in School.

Only 35.9% of these children (2,143) participate in publicly-funded quality early education programs.

25.8% of third graders scored below proficient in reading, 18.8% scored below proficient in math

8.4% of students did not graduate in 4 years with a regular high school diploma.

11.1% of Mercer County does not have a High School Diploma or GED

Health Profile in Mercer County

12% of the population in Mercer County are without health insurance

7.2% of children are born underweight

29.7% of pregnant women receive no prenatal care in the first trimester

2.9% are born to mothers under the age of 18

19.34% of children grades K-6 are considered obese according to the BMI scale

1,190 residents of varying ages in Mercer County were diagnosed with a mental illness between 2013-2014

1,361 residents (976 male/ 385 female) aged 13-75+ received treatment for addiction (including, but not limited to; Alcohol, Cannabis, Crack/Cocaine, Prescription Medicines, Opiates, and Amphetamines)

 Income in Mercer County

70.6% of the 46,128 households in mercer county have income from wages & salaries

20.2% of Mercer County is considered to have low income less than $20,000 

19.6% of Mercer County is considered to have Lower-Middle income $20,000-$34,999

16.4% of Mercer County is considered to have Middle income $35,000-$49,999

30.4% of Mercer County is considered to have Upper-Middle income $50,000-$99,999

–  13.4% of Mercer County is considered to have Upper income $100,000 +

(All figures provided above represent an annual salary and the percentages are based on Pennsylvania State Divisions of income)

The Reality of Poverty in Mercer County

20.2% of Mercer County has low income households (<$20,000)

5.4% of Mercer County is unemployed *(January – November 2015)

8.6% of Mercer County are single parents (Male/Female) with children under the age of 18

20.9% of Mercer County are children under the age of 18

25% of all children are in Poverty

47% are considered low income students eligible for free and reduced lunches.

**Demographics taken from:  www.ruralpa2.org. 4/13/16