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Newspaper Articles About UWMC

Goals for the 2016 Campaign

The goal for fundraising for 2016 is $1 million. This money will be used and distributed based on the proven ability of the recipients to help raise families out of poverty.

United Way Outlines Programs, 2016 Campaign Goals

UWMC's describes its Lifting Families Out of Poverty initiative, and its goals for 2016.

Local Leaders Plant Another Seed for Pre-K Opportunities in Mercer County

Local children get new educational opportunities thanks to UWMC.

Investing in Kids Can Pay Off

Economic summit focuses on schools' role in preventing poverty.

Stresses of Poverty can affect more than one's wallet

Dr. George Garrow explains how poverty can affect childrens' lives in many ways, and some of what UWMC is doing to combat the problem.

From Heroin to Heroine

How a local woman has changed her life for the better with the help of UWMC's partner agencies.

Barriers to Work Leave Many on Welfare

Many people find it difficult to leave the welfare system upon which they have become dependant. It takes the efforts of many agencies and people to create change.

Donations may Help Solve Pay vs Welfare Conundrum

UWMC is attempting to tackle the issues which make it difficult to leave the welfare system by uniting local charitable organizations.

Program Gets Youngest Students Ready for School

Success by 6 helps prepare young children for school.

Financial Literacy Starts with Picking a Bank

UWMC sponsors programs designed to teach financial literacy, which includes information on how to choose which financial institution meets a person's needs.

United Way Funds Agencies that Help People Help Themselves

UWMC is dedicated to finding and assisting agencies that help change people's lives.

United Way is Good Steward of Charitable Dollars

UWMC holds agencies accountable for achieving results.

United Way Will Join Safety Net for Drug-Addicted Babies

UWMC works to fight the epidemic of drug addiction, including in expectant mothers.

Wal-Mart Commits to Community, Here and Now

A $40,000 grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation to the United Way of Mercer County’s “Lifting Families out of Poverty” campaign is helping the agency make a difference in the community.

Opinion: 'Pay it Forward' by Donating to United Way

Donating to UWMC helps people to lift themselves out of poverty.