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The District’s long-term results in Success By 6™ earn it the 2015 Magna Award from the National School Boards Association.
Mercer Area School District, headed up by Superintendent Dr. William Gathers, conducted a seven-year longitudinal study of their SuccessBy6-Vertical Logo-regionalized Success By 6™ results. About 80 percent of their Success By 6™ graduates continued to score at or above the state average in both math and reading. The district has received unsolicited stories, testaments, and letters from parents and teachers that describe the differences in these children after they complete the program. Well-documented progress along with their adept facilitation of the program were key to earning the district a First Place spot among the 2015 Magna Award winners.  As a winner, Mercer Area School District was also highlighted in the NSBA’s journal, and you can read their write-up here.

We commend Dr. Gathers, his school board, and the wonderful residents of the Mercer area who wholeheartedly support Success By 6™ with both enthusiastic advocacy and financial donations to our campaign.  United Way of Mercer County is pleased to be able to fund Success By 6 for any Mercer County school district that wants its pre-schoolers to enjoy successful academic careers, beginning with their Kindergarten year.

You can see all 2015 Magna winners here.