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Research studies have shown that family and community factors such as POVERTY negatively affect a child’s performance in school.
United Way’s Success by Six™ initiative prepares children for school and helps to put them on the right track for a future of education.

Success by 6™. Since 2004, United Way of Mercer County has conducted a Six-Week Summer Program for Pre-Kindergarten Children. The program is a collaboration between United Way of Mercer County (UWMC), Head Start, and local area school districts. The program provides at-risk preschoolers with 135 hours of academic instruction from a Head Start instructor and a district teacher.  Socialization and learning skills develop in a safe, professional environment, and students enjoy a nutritious meal each class day.

To learn more about this program contact your local school district or the United Way office.

Why it Works

This evidence-based initiative has statistically validated increased proficiency in the areas of reading, language and social skills.

  • The brain develops rapidly at an early age.
  • Hours spent learning at this age level is more powerful than months of learning in middle age.
  • The children who are involved in successful early education programs are more likely to graduate high school itself and mature into responsible adults, more likely to be married with higher educational attainment and better jobs.

Benefits to Children

  • Increases school preparedness
  • Increases post-secondary education
  • Increases long-term economic success
  • Improves occupational success
  • Improves quality of life

Benefits to Business

  • Develops workforce for 21st century
  • Reduces cost of retraining
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases job-productivity rate

Benefits to Society

  • Reduces special-education expenses
  • Reduces alcohol and drug use
  • Reduces teen pregnancy and social dependence
  • Increases graduation rates
  • Increases earning capacity/income tax paid
  • Reduces crime rates and corrections costs

What do these benefits cost to administer? Roughly $3 per student hour. That’s it. To appreciate the return on this investment, think of it this way: For every single dollar spent today on early childhood education, society actually saves anywhere from $8 to $17 down the road from less social service dependency, fewer juvenile delinquency issues, and reduced judicial costs.

For more information on Success By 6™, please call (724) 981-1884.

Education has been called a good return on investment, to read more about why follow this link to read an article from the Sharon Herald about the United Way sponsored summit on early child investment. The Herald 11 8 14

Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Stories about Success By 6™ *

– “My son talks much better and is exited about learning. Thank you for your time and patient teaching.”

-“This program helped the kids grow so much. Nathan went from being very distant and not completing tasks, to social and excelling greatly at the task at hand. Keep the program!”

– “These kids progressed so much throughout the summer! Zoey became much more confident and talkative. Hunter also developed his skills!”

-“Thank you so much for all your dedication, skills, and time in helping my son to get ready for kindergarten. This program really is a Success and should be offered Every year!

*please note that the names (first and last) of the Parents and Teachers quoted above as well as the names (last names only) of the children referred to in quotes have been omitted for the protection of privacy.


Your Return for Investing in Success by Six™