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The Success by Six™ initiative has proven to help kids start school at the same level as their classmates, but it also helps children succeed throughout school. This longitudinal study provided below shows that students who participated in the Success by Six™ summer program scored at the same level or better than the state average in reading and math on the PSA exams.

Sby6 Statistical Analysis CONDENSED pdf


Not only do the children in the Success by Six™ improve their reading and math skills but are also taught about earning, saving, and spending money by local banks in mercer county.

United Way is working with the same community banks in order to develop a financial literacy program for adults to teach them more responsible saving, spending, and budgeting practices so they can support themselves and their families, successfully without help.

United Way and its Agencies are also working to educate the county about the employment opportunities that are generally overlooked by many.


There are many in mercer county who suffer from addiction, mental illness, poor overall health, and are without healthcare. United Way and its agencies are using Pennsylvania 2-1-1™ Southwest service in order to help aid those in need. United Way and some of its agencies are also helping to confront problems with addiction in Mercer County by helping to fund programs such as “Hope Advocacy”, which is managed by the Prince of Peace Center (pop.) in Sharon. Shelly, who took part in Prince of Peace Center’s “F.S.S.”,  “Project Ruth”, and “Hope Advocacy” programs; and has been sober now for over 16 months. The link below gives the empowering story of how she overcame her addiction with the help of United Way and the Prince of Peace Center.

Interview with shelly (condensed feature story)