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Children who are economically at-risk or in poverty are at a greater risk of falling behind in school. The Success by 6™ initiative is the first step in improving education for preschoolers in these groups. This initiative prepares them to start school on the same level as their classmates, putting them squarely them on track for success throughout their academic careers. Success by 6™ also teaches the children necessary social skills needed for life inside and out of the classroom


United Way of Mercer County is working with local banks and its agencies to create financial literacy programs for adults who struggle to manage their expenses, using the data from Pennsylvania 2-1-1 Southwest™ to help target the people that need this service the most. United way is also working on a plan to teach this same financial literacy in schools over time to help prepare them for their professional life after school.


United Way is working with its agencies to fight the growing health problems in Mercer County such as mental health issues, substance abuse, and helping those without healthcare and prescription coverage. 

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